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Full House at our Annual Member's Meeting July 7th, 2018

Thanks to our guest speaker Dale Potter-Clark, Friends of Cobbossee Watershed and our association executive directors for an informative meeting about our pond's history, current events and future preservation.

Fire on Chase Road June 12th, 2018

A camp on Chase Road in Mount Vernon/Readfield is completely engulfed in flames on Tuesday June 12th. Photo by Marti Wagner

Plant Surveys August 7th and 9th, 2017

The Friends of Cobbossee Watershed and the TPA surveyed two shallow sections of Torsey Pond.

Members met at the Readfield Boat launch on Monday August 7th and again on Wednesday August 9th in the North End Cove to survey aquatic plants. We did find a large patch of native milfoil in the North End Cove. It was very exciting to discover the plants and have Friends of Cobbossee confirm they are a harmless native variety of milfoil. 

Native Non-Invasive Milfoil found in the North End Cove
Survey from Aug 7th at the Readfield Boat Launch

Photo Gallery from Wednesday August 9th North End Cove Plant Patrol

Plant Paddle July 15th, 2017

Lovely day on the water learning how to survey our pond for aquatic plants. Sponsored by the The Friends of Cobbossee Watershed and the TPA.

Members met at the Quiet Harbor Boat launch and collected aquatic samples. We then reviewed the samples on shore. Our goal is to set up a team to survey the pond in sections to help identify invasive aquatic species such as variable leaf milfoil and Eurasian Water- milfoil. Torsey Pond does have naturally occurring native milfoil. If we do have an infestation of an invasive aquatic plant, our second best line of defense is to catch it early and develop a plan to remove it. Our first line of defense is to prevent it from entering the pond with our Milfoil Program Courtesy Boat Inspections.

Annual TPA Members Meeting July 8th, 2017

Great to see our members at our annual meeting.

Thank you to our guest speakers and the TPA board for an informative meeting.

Bill Monagle, from the Cobbossee Watershed District, gave a report on our Torsey Pond Watershed Survey. Tamara Whitmore, from the Friends of Cobbossee, gave a presentation on protecting our pond from invasive aquatic species. Thank you Board of Directors and members for your reports regarding the dam, the treasurer's report, the scholarship fund and purple loosetrife. Thank you members for your dues and donations. You can still submit donations by mail to our treasurer.

New Big Thing:

TPA Thank You Gift

Announcing the TPA Beach Towel. Thank You Gift with an *Additional $100 Donation. Get Yours at the Annual Member's Meeting July 7th, 2018!

On Line Membership and Donations:

You can now Join, Renew and Donate online on our Membership Page. TPA is a a 501(c)(3)

non-profit organization. Your membership dues and additional donations to TPA are Tax Deductible!

Watershed Survey:

The Torsey Pond Watershed Survey, prepared by the Cobbossee Watershed District with the TPA, is now complete. See Details.

Membership Rack Card and Flyer:

We now have a printable rack card and  printable  flyer available. Make some copies and give to your neighbors! See Details

Next Big Thing:

TPA Director's Meeting

 June 8th, 2019

Annual Member's Meeting

July 6th, 2019

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