Dam Repair Fund

North Side

Cracks in foundation.


South Side

Cracks in foundation & missing concrete


During the summer of 2018 we started noticing leaks coming around the steel sluice and through cracks in the concrete guide that supports the sluice.   This was discussed at our last annual meeting.


We had a Dam Inspection performed this past fall by Kleinschmidt Associates.  Although there were no dam safety issues observed during the inspection, it was noted that we could encounter further leakage as the concrete spalls and breaks away.  This could cause undesirable water levels, especially during the dry summer months.


Based on this, we have proceeded with extensive planning and quoting on a dam restoration project which will include the demolition and resurfacing of the deteriorated concrete (including the rebuilding of the concrete guides).  This would also address the more serious cracks on the side walls noted in previous years.


We have partnered with the Town of Readfield, since they own the concrete abutment further downstream (4’) from the dam, along with the bridge.  They also had Kleinschmidt Associates do an inspection of their foundation.  Together with Readfield, we have put together a request for quote package for concrete in both respective areas.  By doing this together we hope to save money by sharing the costs of the coffer dam and common work between both parties.  We expect to have quotes in by the end of June and will be able to update our membership at the July 6, 2019 annual meeting.  We expect that this will be a significant expense to the association.


We are planning a major fund-raising effort, starting in July.  Please revisit this page in July for additional details.

Watershed Survey

The Torsey Pond Watershed Survey is now complete:

Torsey Pond Watershed Report.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [4.7 MB]

The Torsey Pond Association (TPA), with assistance from the Cobbossee Watershed District (CWD), conducted a survey of the Torsey Pond watershed to locate sources of phosphorous and sediment, which can have a negative impact on water quality. The goal of this survey is to locate nonpoint source pollution sources in the watershed.  The information generated from the survey will provide the basis for a watershed-based plan to protect our beautiful lake.


Soil erosion is the main focus of the survey because it is a major source of phosphorous – the most serious pollutant to lakes in Maine.  Phosphorous and other pollutants reach our lakes through storm water runoff and can come from anywhere in the watershed – not just the shoreline.  Sediment is also detrimental to aquatic life habitat.


Special thanks to the TPA volunteers who compiled 28 assesments of camp roads and driveways during the spring and early summer of 2016.  

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Watershed Survey:

The Torsey Pond Watershed Survey, prepared by the Cobbossee Watershed District with the TPA, is now complete. See Details.

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