Northern Pike

Northern Pike, illegally introduced into the Belgrade Chain of Lakes in the 1970's, are now present in at least 16 lakes in the Kennebec, Androscoggin, and coastal river drainages. They are suspected to occur in several additional waters. These newest populations have been derived from illegal transport or by out-migration from lakes were they have become established. Pike are voracious predators on other fishes, and their presence in one lake is suspected of destroying one of the state's premier landlocked salmon populations.  Know the difference between Northern Pike and Chain Pickerel.

Brett Coryell Holding 24" pike caught July 2017.

Rich Dorr posted this 46" pike caught Oct 2103 on

Dave Roberts caught this 24" pike in July 2017. He has caught a 42" pike in past seasons.



Catch one? TPA requests you do not re-release it back into the pond. Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife urges you not to transfer pike to other waterways. Take it with you, eat it, frame it, whatever you'd like... please help protect the native fish species. Do not catch and release and do not transfer.

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