Invasive Threats

Like many of Maine's lakes and waterways, Torsey Pond faces numerous threats to its everyday beauty that generations of families have cherished.

From invasive species, such as variable-leaf and Eurasian Milfoil, to aggressive northern pike fish, TPA is working diligently to prevent these invasives from degrading our water quality, lowering our home values and damaging our delicate ecological environment. 


The costs for controlling these invasives, should they enter our pond, could be in the tens of thousands dollars a season. We educate our members and encourage every property owner and visitor to help protect Torsey Pond.


Courtesy Boat Inspections


Our Torsey Pond Association CBI Program consists of a combination of state funded and volunteer inspectors. If you are interested to volunteer for a shift, please contact 

Andy Zuorski.

Plant Paddle Patrols


The TPA, with the gracious guidance of the Friends Of Cobbossee Watershed, have started an Invasive Plant Paddle Patrol. If you would like to join our patrol, please contact Darcy Whittemore.

Existing Trouble

Northern Pike


Northern pike is an invasive species of fish illegally introduced into Torsey Pond in the early 2000's. Northern Pike pose a threat to the health of our lake. They can decimate the native fish population. Pike are very hearty and difficult to remove completely. If you catch a northern pike, do not return it to the water!

Milfoil in Long Lake!


On August 1st the Lakes Environmental Association and Maine Department of Environmental Protection have identified variable leaf milfoil growing in Long Lake. Long Lake had previously been thought to be safe from this invasive aquatic plant, but substantial growth has been found in Mast Cove in Naples.

New Big Thing:

Watershed Survey:

The Torsey Pond Watershed Survey, prepared by the Cobbossee Watershed District with the TPA, is now complete. See Details.

Membership Flyer:

We now have a printable  flyer available. Make some copies and give to your neighbors! See Details

TPA now has nonprofit

501(c)(3) status! Your donations to TPA are Tax Deductible!

Next Big Thing:

TPA Director's Meeting

Saturday, June 9th,  2018

10 am. Location TBD.

TPA Annual Member's Meeting

Saturday, July 7th,  2018

10 am. Readfield Town Hall.

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